Why is Nutrition Important?

natural remediesThe combination of poor diet and stress contribute to the development of 80% of disease in Americans.

“We are what we eat,” is not a cliché, it’s a fact.  Remember! Every cell in your body is created by the very matrix of the food and water you consume.  The flip-side of that? Again, 80% of all diseases and inflammation in the body is created by the waste products of breaking down the wrong foods that you are consuming or through inadequate amounts of the nutrients you need.


Poor nutrition choices and lack of vitamin, mineral and fiber content in the diet have been proven to contribute to a host of debilitating conditions in people that are both normal weight or classified as overweight, including: acne, anxiety, depression, insomnia, pain, irritable bowl, constipation, diarrhea, acid reflux, cancer, fatigue, autoimmune disorders, sinus issues, chronic infection, skin problems, allergies, chronic urinary tract issues, accelerated aging/premature wrinkling, poor concentration, ADD/ADHD in children, and the list goes on.


Almost everyone knows they need to eat well and supplement with certain vitamins and oils to achieve optimum health, but the difference between vitamins you buy at the drug store or even the health food store and finding the right vitamin absorption for you is as different as night and day.  The American diet is lacking in the Essential Omega 3-6-9 and DHA Oils but where do you get those quality oils? They are called Essential because our body and brain requires them to function but if you are not getting them from your diet or your supplements you are not getting them.


Information that we read in the latest magazines can be very misleading and often suggest dangerous dietary fads…Remember in the 1980’s when margarine (trans fat) was touted as the ‘heart healthy’ alternative? Marketing dollars promoted margarine, and nearly 20 years later, this very product is under fire as one of the most artery clogging substances still labeled as a food product.


Regarding Weight


Most people who are 10-50 pounds overweight do not eat too much because of a lack of will power, they eat because their body is starving for the right nutrients.  Either they are not eating enough of the right food, or their absorption is so poor that they cannot utilize the nutrients.  The body is in survival mode grasping to get what it needs.  This is often a relief for patients to hear, some who have struggled with weight their whole life, because it means that there is a physiological component for over-eating, not just emotional ones as they have often been told.

SO! A question to think about:  Why should we expect to feel good, joyful and full of energy with unhindered digestion if we are not eating well or supplementing for the holes that our dietary choices leave?

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